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Home Funerals, Death Care, and Natural Burial

Many people who are new to the idea of natural ('green') burials and home funerals have questions about how it all works.


We offer this brief overview and our suggestions for finding expert information to get you started. There's a lot to learn.


"Green burial" refers to the practices that allow for a true return of remains to the earth, with minimal impact on the environment. To ensure a natural process, the composition of the materials used, as well as the cemetery practices must be considered.

A broader definition of green burial encompasses practices beyond the burial itself, ranging from reducing carbon emissions in any aspect of the process, to preserving natural areas in conjunction with green cemeteries.


Trained funeral guides help families with both the practical and emotional aspects of death. Funeral guides make families aware of their rights with respect to death care and how to plan for a process that fits their needs. Some funeral guides have training in counseling services and help families with bereavement.

Green Burial and Home Funeral

Advocacy Organizations

Green Burial Council logo

Green Burial Council


An organization setting certification standards for green burial in North America for funeral homes, cemeteries, and product manufacturers. 

Mission is to inspire and advocate for environmentally sustainable, natural death care.

National Home Funeral Alliance logo

National Home Funeral Alliance (NHFA)

Promoting environmentally sound and culturally nurturing death practices.


Find information about home funerals, funeral guides, and home-funeral-friendly funeral directors.

Local Resources


Cedar Grove, North Carolina

The Bluestem Community is creating a beautiful conservation burial ground in Orange County, NC. 

Anne Weston


Green Burial Project

Green Burial Project logo

Hillsborough, North Carolina

Educating the public about the environmental, financial, and spiritual benefits of green and natural burial.

Sara S. Williams

Certified Home Funeral Guide

Graham, North Carolina

Reclaiming the sacred tradition of caring for our own at death.

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