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casket handle detail

Our caskets and coffins embody the simplicity of the "plain pine box", unpretentious and naturally beautiful.

Eno River

Our Eno River casket captures the beauty and spirit of this pristine natural area in the heart of the Piedmont.

Eno River scenery

We build this his version of a "plain pine box", occasionally called a 'country casket', from Yellow or White Pine depending on availability.

Eno River casket interior and lid
dovetail joinery

Traditional wood joinery such as pegs, dados and dovetail or box joints eliminate  the need for any metal fasteners.  Natural hemp rope handles are soft in the hand.  Gentler to the earth.

price: $ 1,800 

Mayo Creek

Mayo Creek runs along the north side of our homestead on it's way to the Dan and Roanoke rivers and then on to  Albemarle Sound.

Cates Creek scenery
Cates Creek casket lid
Recycled Paper
Green Burial Council logo

Our caskets are certified "3-Leaf" by the Green Burial Council, their highest rating for environmental responsibility.

Certification is based on use of natural materials harvested in an environmentally sustainable manner and efforts toward minimizing carbon footprint. 

Southern Yellow Pine board grain texture

price: $ 1,600 

Our Mayo Creek casket is a simpler and plainer version of our Eno River casket -- unfinished and built without handles. This casket usually requires preorder.


What's the difference between a casket and a coffin?


casket vs coffin



A casket has a rectangular shape.


A coffin is tapered to make it wider at the shoulders, more closely mimicking the human form.

Southern Counties

Inspired by a coffin style from the southern counties of England, we designed our version with the counties of North Carolina in mind.

Orange County scenery

The southern counties coffin features curved side walls.


The sides are curved by making a series of vertical saw cuts ('kerfs'), applying hot water, bending, and clamping. Prayer is helpful during the bend.

nail heads - detail
Southern Counties coffin
square cut nails - detail

Square-cut, wrought-head nails give the finished edge a rustic look that reflects the history and tradition of the coffin-making trade.

Due to the shape of a coffin, each one must be scaled based on the height of the intended occupant. Pre-order only - we are not currently building this coffin, but please contact us if you are interested. We'll talk.

price: $ 2,400 


We understand that 'family' comes in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes with paws.


We'd be glad to build something for your animal companion.  

cat in the shop



Our goal is to always have a casket in stock, but if we do not, it can take 7 to 14 days to build one to order. 

Contact us to check availability.


We will need to know the height and approximate weight of the person for whom the casket is intended.




We can deliver to you or to your preferred funeral home. We personally deliver within a 10 hour radius of our farm. Motor freight is available beyond that range, but we prefer to bring the casket you ourselves.

Payment is expected at the time of delivery.

We may request a deposit of up to 50% on custom orders.


Information about NATURAL BURIAL

Natural ('green') burial involves practices that are aligned to the organic processes of the earth.

Eno River woods

Other Funeral Goods

bier detail



A cremation or funeral urn is often envisioned as a rounded vase with a lid, made out of metal or pottery. 


We offer thoughtfully crafted wooden boxes as a naturally beautiful alternative.

Prices: beginning at $300

urn build with poplar wood



A bier is used to carry a shouded body to the graveside. We built this oak bier for St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Greensboro, NC. In their practice the shrouded body is then lowered into the grave and the bier is stored until it is needed again. 

At right is an example of a more organically shaped bier.

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