Caskets & Coffins 

Our caskets and coffins embody the simplicity of a "plain pine box": unpretentious and naturally beautiful.

Eno River

Our Eno River casket captures the beauty and spirit of this pristine natural area in the heart of Hillsborough, NC.

This version of a "plain pine box" (occasionally called a 'country casket') 

is crafted from local Southern Yellow Pine.

By using traditional joinery such as pegs and dovetail joints, we have eliminated the need for metal fasteners.

price: $ 1,800 

Cates Creek

Cates Creek is a small tributary of the Eno River that runs near our shop, just south of Hillsborough.

Green Burial Council logo

Our caskets are certified "3-Leaf" by the Green Burial Council, their highest rating for environmental responsibility.

Certification is based on use of natural materials harvested in an environmentally sustainable manner and efforts toward minimizing carbon footprint. 

price: $ 1,700 

Our Cates Creek casket is a simpler and plainer version of our Eno River casket -- unfinished and built without handles. 


What's the difference between a casket and a coffin?




A casket has a rectangular shape.


A coffin is tapered to make it wider at the shoulders, more closely mimicking the human form.

Southern Counties

Inspired by a coffin style from the southern counties of England, we created our version with the counties of North Carolina in mind.

The southern counties coffin features curved side walls.


The boards are curved by making a series of vertical saw cuts ("kerf"s), applying hot water, bending, and clamping.

Square-cut, wrought-head nails give the finished edge a rustic look that reflects the history and tradition of the coffin-making trade.

price: $ 1,800 


for pets too!

We understand that 'family' comes in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes with paws.


We'd be glad to build something for your animal companion.  



We typically have a casket in stock, but if we do not, it will take up to 14 days to build one.

Contact us to check availability.

919-323-2518 or


We will need to know the weight and height of the person for whom the casket is intended.




We can deliver to you or to your preferred funeral home. 


There is no delivery charge for locations within Orange County, NC, or adjacent counties.


Payment is expected at the time of delivery.

We may request a deposit of up to 50% on custom orders.


Information about GREEN BURIAL

"Green burial" involves practices that are natural and respectful to the environment. 

Other Funeral Goods



A cremation or funeral urn is often envisioned as a rounded vase with a lid, made out of metal or pottery. 


We offer thoughtfully crafted wooden boxes as a naturally beautiful alternative.



A bier is a raised device or platform that holds the casket, either during a vigil or funeral service.



In natural burials with no casket, some people choose a trundle, which is essentially a board fitted with a rim and handles to provide a dignified means for the pall bearers to carry the body.


Hand-crafted Goods and Custom Woodworking

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