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Raised Garden Beds

square raised garden bed

We do the building so you can do the growing.

Our raised beds are the perfect way to create an instant garden in your yard.

We make it even easier by installing the bed for you and filling it with garden soil so it's ready to plant.


Price includes:


  • raised bed

  • a bio-degradable weed barrier

  • soil formulated for raised beds

  • organic fertilizer

raised bed in backyard
raised bed in community garden

We offer three stock raised bed sizes, which are designed to allow easy reach from any position around the perimeter. 

All raised beds are 11 inches high, measuring from the ground to top edge.


width x length


cubic feet


cubic yards


3 ft.  x  5 ft.  4 ft.  x  4 ft.  4 ft.  x  8 ft.

15             0.55  16             0.59  32             1.18

$ 250

$ 250

$ 375

Custom sizes are available upon request, but take longer to design and build. 

WeatherShield treated lumber

The WeatherShield brand uses the treatment process with the trade name "MicroPro".

SCS Certification logo

MicroPro is certified by Scientific Certification Systems, Inc. (SCS) as an Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP) based on SCS’ Life-Cycle Assessment.

The lumber we use to make our raised beds is treated to resist decay and damage by insects and is permitted for ground contact use.


The boards are subjected to a pressure-treatment process with micronized copper azole (MCA), which acts as a fungicide.


Pressure-treated pine has the advantage of being less expensive than other types of wood that are naturally resistant to decay, like cedar and redwood.

Urban Gardening

Are our raised beds safe for edible plants?

short answer:   YES!

long answer:   

Micronized copper azole (MCA) consists of the fungal spore inhibitor tebuconazole and finely ground copper metal. The human health concern is primarily the copper: while copper is an essential trace element for all plants and animals, too much copper is toxic. 

In a study of beds treated with a copper azole mixture similar to MCA, plants, roots, and tubers from treated beds had as much copper as plants grown in untreated beds.

The consequence of leached copper or tebuconazole is minimized by having strong affinity to the organic constituents of soil, thus limiting their mobility and availability for plant uptake.

Another way to consider the issue: plants would die from copper toxicity before containing enough copper to pose a risk as an edible.

Agricultural extension offices in multiple states have endorsed MCA-treated lumber for raised bed gardening.

If you have concerns about MCA-treated lumber, place a plastic barrier between the soil and the wood.




We need to know the dimension of the bed(s) and how many you would like. 

Contact us to check availability or to plan a custom bed:





We deliver on Saturday afternoons and on Sunday.


Typically, if beds are ordered by Wednesday, we can deliver them the following weekend.


There is no delivery charge for locations within Orange County, or the adjacent counties.


Payment is expected at the time of delivery.

raised bed installation
raised bed installation

Project Gallery

We've done a number of custom installations for home, garden, and business.

Tell us about your idea and we can work together to design what you need.

free-standing shelves
custom raised bed installation
community garden raised beds
community garden raised beds with soil
garden shop shelving and display benches
custom raised bed installation
wall-mounted shelves
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